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Digital currency becomes real with EXWAL Card.
Enjoy secure real-time transactions in stores, cafes, ATMs, online and wherever major debit cards are accepted.

Buy or transfer Bitcoins to your EXWAL wallet

Top up your Card by converting Bitcoins to your chosen currency

Pay anywhere with your EXWAL Card or withdraw cash

€ 700.00

$ 700.00

£ 700.00

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€ 700.00

$ 700.00

£ 700.00


EXWAL Card is tied to an EXWAL wallet and works like any usual bank card in stores, cafes, ATMs, online and wherever major debit cards are accepted.


Order the EXWAL plastic or virtual Card from your EXWAL account and get it delivered to your door. EXWAL Card activation guidelines will come along with the Card.

Ready to use

To pay for the Debit Card fund your EXWAL wallet with digital or fiat money. Now you can also spend them on everyday purchases anywhere major debit cards are accepted.

Withdraw in ATMs

This is the most real it can get — transform your digital currency into the cash in your pocket. Securely withdraw USD, EUR, GBP and your local currency at ATMs.

Shop in stores or online

Wherever you like to shop, your EXWAL Card will follow. Each transaction will be reflected in your account, so you can easily keep track.

EXWAL Virtual Card

Virtual Card is also tied to your EXWAL wallet and can be added to your PayPal account. You can use it shopping online.

How to increase your limits

Would you choose to go through the ID verification, you will be able to enjoy higher limits for your transactions and EXWAL Card purchases.

Fees EUR Card GBP Card USD Card
Card price €15 £ 15 $15
Card Replacement €15 £ 15 $15
Monthly Maintenance Fee €1 £ 1 $1
Standard delivery Free Free Free
Standard trackable delivery €10 £ 10 $10
Express delivery €70 £ 50 $75
Card load 1% 1% 1%
ATM Transaction (Domestic) €2.25 £ 1.75 $2.50
ATM Transaction (International) €2.75 £ 2.25 $3.50
Balance Enquiry at ATM free free free
Foreign Currency Conversion 3% 3% 3%
Third-party loading fee 1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
Fees EUR Card GBP Card USD Card
Card price €2.50 £ 2.5 $2.50
Monthly Maintenance Fee €1.00 £ 1 $1.00
Card load 1% 1% 1%
Foreign Currency Conversion 3% 3% 3%
Third-party loading fee 1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
Limits (Unverified/Verified) EUR Card GBP Card USD Card
Card load (count per day) 2/Unlimited 2/Unlimited 2/Unlimited
Card load (amount per transaction) 2500/10000 2000/8000 2500/10000
Card load (amount per day) 2500/20000 2000/16000 2500/20000
Card load (amount lifetime) 2500/Unlimited 2000/Unlimited 2500/Unlimited
Third-party load (amount per transaction) Not permited/5000 Not permited/4000 Not permited/5000
Third-party load (amount per day) Not permited/5000 Not permited/4000 Not permited/5000
Purchases (per transaction) 1000/Unlimited 800/Unlimited 1000/Unlimited
Purchases (per day) 1000/Unlimited 800/Unlimited 1000/Unlimited
ATM Cash Withdrawal (Count per day) 2/5 2/5 2/5
ATM Cash Withdrawal (Amount per transaction) 200/1000 160/800 200/1000
ATM Cash Withdrawal (Amount per day) 400/2000 320/1600 400/2000
Maximum Total Unloads (Amount Lifetime) 1000/Unlimited 800/Unlimited 1000/Unlimited


Operate and safeguard your money making transfers, buying or exchanging digital currency to the major fiat ones whenever you want with just one click.

Now digital currencies can move

With EXWAL wallet you can securely receive Bitcoins and Ethers from other crypto-wallets, make transfers to your EXWAL plastic Bitcoin Debit Card or Ether Debit Card and other EXWAL service users and buy or exchange your digital money to EUR, USD or GBP.

Dead serious about security

We use two-factor authentication and Multisig technology from industry’s leading Bitcoin security platform. Your document verification is done through isolated, highly secure system, all data and emails are always encrypted.

Convenient and user-friendly

Our intuitive service was developed so, that it is easy to work with not only for advanced users, but also for those, who are just adapting to the new technologies. And all of your transaction history is stored and always accessible

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Create an EXWAL account and your wallet will be automatically registered and instantly available for using.

Order your plastic or virtual сard, go through a simple verification process to enjoy a significantly highly limits

Add funds to your account or load your card and have fun!


We could go on about how we pride ourselves in our international diversity and wide financial expertise but what you really need to know is that we love what we do.

We aim to differ and want to make it so that you loved your EXWAL experience as well for its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface.

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