Crypto user experience

  • Sign up

    Use web or mobile application for a registration

  • Get your account verified

    You should verify your account to start using it

  • Create your wallets

    We create some for you by default, the others should be activated manually

  • Top up your wallets

    Use our Deposit functions or go through the usual procedure to top up your wallets

  • Convert and exchange your crypto

    You can deposit your wallets by converting the crypto currency

Card user experience

  • Get your identity verified:

    • Load your ID.
    • Confirm your mobile number.
    • Pass a small video interview if required.
  • Order your card or create a Flex account

    It depends on your KYC level: you can order a card or use a «virtual» account either

  • Sign our Terms and conditions and AML policy

    You should accept our terms and conditions as well as AML policies before start using financial functions

  • Load your card

    You can convert your e-money to load the card. Function availability depends on your KYC level

  • Use your cards where the major debit cards are accepted

    Enjoy our cards and your EXWAL experience!